Quality Policy

Des Munday and Son is committed to attaining recognition as a leader in our field, resulting in `first choice' supplier status based on our reputation for providing the best quality products, at competitive prices, to our customers' total satisfaction.


We are committed to quality in all our activities. The quality of our service is critical to our success and that of our customers, and to demonstrate our commitment we have developed and implemented a Quality System based on the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008


The objective of the System is to continually achieve customer satisfaction and acceptance through effective planning and control measures reflected in the System and followed by all personnel.


Certification to this Quality Standard is seen as one step in the continuing process of improvement in the quality of our services and products.


We pride ourselves in our personalised approach to customer service and in our responsiveness and efficiency. We strive to be flexible and progressive and we do not compromise on quality. Each individual staff member accepts responsibility for the quality of the Company's products and services.


The training and competence of our personnel, coupled with a strong team spirit, are the foundation of the effectiveness of the services we provide. Our people are proud of their work and of the Company's reputation.